About Us


Luxmy Samiti  is the NGO formed by Manjula Rao, who holds a Masters degree in Indian Philosophy and Business Management from India, along with her husband Sudhindra Rao, who is an Electrical Engineer and holds a Masters in Business Administration from I I M Kolkatta.

They established a furniture manufacturing company Luxmy Furniture in 1997 in Sydney, Australia. Working with renowned designers at the top end of the market in Australia has made them good enough to serve the industry in this country and now they found a need to start a foundation serving the needy children in the rural parts of India with education and sport. Luxmy Samiti provides broad based education comprising of book learning, practical courses and self-defence techniques.

Working with children is now their passion. They would like to see this vision of theirs go further through the children with whom they have been working in the Central part of India. Luxmy Samiti is a charitable non profit organisation whose mission is to empower rural children through education and sports.

We invite people who would like to help or volunteer in the field of education and sport. We request your support in this endeavour, your help will make a difference in their lives.

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