A note from Deepak


Hello, my name is Deepak and I’m 10 years old, from the village Bhama in Central India. I have been sponsored by Luxmy Samiti from Australia for my education and sports. Some of the water we get has to be filtered and boiled before drinking. Most of the houses have no water connection, as water has to be carried from a distance. In Bharma most people are farmers, but due to the lack of water and power, we are only able to yield one harvest, which is after the monsoon period. Hence, they are unemployed for the rest of the year.

The education and sports that I’m receiving now has helped me in boosting up my moral and making me feel more confident. The staff from Luxmy Samiti are very caring and they visit us everyday. Sunday is a very important day because we have lessons in Taekwondo for 3 hours. Taekwondo has helped all of us immensely as we now feel confident. Girls who are also learning Taekwondo feel very secure and are not fearful of going to school. Initially, the rape level had risen so high that the girls were not allowed to leave their homes, but now they attend classes and are very cheerful.


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